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Corporate Transparency Act Reporting is Mandatory for Small Businesses in January 2024

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What is the Corporate Transparency Act?

The Corporate Transparency Act requires nearly every small U.S. business to file a new "Beneficial Ownership Information" report to FinCEN starting January 1st, 2024, and update this report whenever information about the company or an owner changes. Not filing reports will incur penalties including $10,000 fines and two years jail. This new business filing became law when passed by Congress to prevent money laundering through U.S. companies.
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File your mandatory FinCEN reports easily with TurboCTA. Our intuitive online process walks you through the Corporate Transparency Act filing so you know exactly what to provide for your company without spending hours reviewing rules. We make initial and update filings an easy 15 minute process.
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Corporate Transparency Act frequently asked questions

Do I need to file a Corporate Transparency Act report?

Most likely, Yes. Companies are only exempt from reporting if they have over $5M in annual sales AND 21 or more full-time employees. There are a few other exemptions, but most companies will not qualify for these. You can check your company’s filing requirements and exemptions with our Check my Company tool.

When do I need to file my CTA report?

Corporate Transparency Act reports are due by the end of 2024 for companies that exist prior to 2024. New companies formed after January 1st, 2024, will have 90 days to file their initial reports.

What is the Corporate Transparency Act report called?

The Corporate Transparency Act requires companies to file reports called “Beneficial Ownership Information” (BOI) reports to FinCEN, a federal agency under the Department of the Treasury.

Is this a one-time filing requirement?

No. Reporting companies will need to file updated reports within 30 days if information about the company or a beneficial owner changes to avoid penalties. You can file future updated reports easily from your TurboCTA dashboard.

What is included in a Beneficial Ownership Report?

Beneficial Ownership Information reports include information about the reporting company and every beneficial owner. Company information includes company name, business operations address, formation information, DBAs, and tax identification numbers. Beneficial owner information includes name, dates of birth, addresses, and identification documents.

What is a Beneficial Owner under FinCEN's filing rule?

A Beneficial Owner is any individual who owns 25% or more of a reporting company or can exert substantial control over the entity. This definition includes equity owners or even managers without ownership. FinCEN’s definition is designed as a catch-all to include any individual who controls a reporting company or benefits from the entity.

What are the penalties for not filing?

Not filing or filing incorrect information can incur penalties, including $10,000 files and up to two years in jail. The CTA was passed to prevent money laundering, so the Department of the Treasury takes filings very seriously.

What does it cost to file with TurboCTA?

You can use TurboCTA to file your FinCEN report for $99 or $149.

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