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TurboCTA simplifies filing FinCEN's new mandatory Beneficial Ownership Information reports.

Beneficial Ownership Information Report Filing

A new filing required for most U.S. businesses

The Corporate Transparency Act became law in 2021, making Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reporting to FinCEN mandatory starting in January 2024. If your business has fewer than 21 full-time employees OR earns less than $5 million annually, you likely need to file a BOI report to avoid new penalties enforced by FinCEN and the Dept of the Treasury.

Misreporting or non-compliance can lead to fines of up to $10,000 or even two-year imprisonment. Some exemptions to filing exist for businesses in certain lines of work. You can check your company’s filing requirements in less than 1 minute with our Check my Company tool.

File Your Own Report

Utilize our online tools to file your own reports seamlessly. Conserve both time and finances by managing the process personally with our assistance.

File With An Expert

Utilize our professional services to ensure your reports are filed accurately and efficiently. Gain peace of mind by letting our specialists handle the details.

Benefits of Using TurboCTA for your Corporate Transparency Act compliance.

Easy Updated Reports

FinCEN requires new reports when company details change. Our tools let you know if you need to update your report.

Tracked FinCEN Filings

TurboCTA tracks your filing to update you when FinCEN receives your compliance filings.

Multi Company Support

Have more than one company? File for multiple entities easy from a single compliance dashboard.

Free Compliance Updates

New regulations change often. TurboCTA compliance monitoring alerts your about CTA updates to keep you compliant.

Enter your email for free compliance notifications for your business.

The first year of the filings will likely lead to updates and changes as FinCEN begins accepting reports. Subscribe to compliance updates below to safeguard your business. We never share emails or spam.

Beneficial owner application

TurboCTA Corporate Transparency Act Filing Benefits

Easy and Affordable Corporate Transparency Act Filing

Prepare your yearly CTA reports in less time with low filing costs.

Simple Beneficial Owner Report Updating

Update your CTA filing whenever ownership changes to stay compliant.

Secure Beneficial Ownership filing records

Access encrypted secure records of previous filings whenever needed.

Up to Date Compliance Alerts and Updates

Get critical alerts and updates before compliance filings are due with free monitoring.

Beneficial Ownership Report Filing with TurboCTA

Simplified CTA filing

Easy, online filing with step-by-step instructions. Add companies and manage beneficial owners all from your custom dashboard. 

Low cost BOI report filing

No need to pay for expensive accounting or legal services. With TurboCTA,  you or your admin can file yearly corporate transparency act reports.

BOI report record management

TurboCTA uses secure multiple year retention of data. Save time and reduce your paperwork load while we import previous years data. 

Current CTA filing requirements

As new legislation comes into effect it’s important to stay up to date with the new filing requirements. We alert you to any change in your CTA filing status. 

File directly to FinCEN

TurboCTA strives to make it easy to submit annual corporate transparency act forms to FinCEN each year. 

Compliance alerts and updates

Continuous monitoring of filing requirements means you get alerted anytime legislation updates affect your company’s CTA compliance.

Multiple company CTA support

We make filing easy for business owners with more than one company. Add and manage all your businesses through our intuitive filing dashboard. 

FinCEN BOSS batch filing solutions

As new legislation comes into effect it’s important to stay up to date with the new filing requirements. We alert you to any change in your CTA filing status. 

Fast CTA filing process

For business owners, we know your time is valuable. Our filing interface makes it fast and easy to file yearly CTA reports in less than 5min. 

Latest news on the Corporate Transparency Act

Helpful articles and resources that will keep you up to date with news on the Corporate Transparency Act. 

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The Corporate Transparency Act could mean the end of shell companies: Your business may be required to file beneficial ownership information with FinCEN starting in January 2024.

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What is the Corporate Transparency Act?

A new federal law passed in 2021 is going into effect starting 2024. This law requires most small U.S. businesses to file a beneficial owner report to FinCEN listing all beneficial owners to prevent money laundering and other illegitimate uses of U.S. companies.

Which companies are required to file beneficial ownership reports?

Any new or existing U.S. corporation, or LLC, with less than 21 employees and $5,000,000 in annual sales. Some corporate transparency act exemptions exist for some companies. TurboCTA’s tool can let you know if your company needs to file in less than a minute.

What is filed on a beneficial owner report?

FinCEN requires companies to file the names, dates of birth, current addresses, and and identity verification document for every decision maker and beneficial owner (25%+ ownership) of the company. These reports must be updated when ownership, or owner details such as addresses are updated. TurboCTA’s online filing system will make corporate transparency act report filing and updates easy and fast Subscribe for updates to stay in compliance as this regulation takes effect.

What are the corporate transparency act penalties?

FinCEN has proposed penalties for non-compliance, (such as failing to report or providing false information) including fines of up to $10,000 and a prison term of up to two (2) years for each offense. These filings are not optional for U.S. small businesses and will begin January 1st, 2024. We recommend getting the TurboCTA prep kit to be ready for corporate transparency act filings or subscribing to avoid missing critical updates.