Avoid FinCEN fines and get compliant in minutes plus enjoy free updated reports, unlimited beneficial owners, and expert filing support.

BOSS FinCEN batch filing solutions

for law firms and corporate service providers.

Are you a law firm or corporate services provider?

TurboCTA will be building solutions for batch filing corporate transparency reports through FinCEN’s BOSS efiling system. BOI reports are mandatory for new companies, making this an essential service to offer for law firms and filing services specialized in company formation.

“Company applicants” – defined as companies and firms that assist others with the formation of their companies – must be included on initial beneficial ownership information reports. These reports are due within 30 days of the formation of a new company.

TurboCTA is working towards solutions for law firms and filing services desiring to pass BOI information directly to FinCEN with each new company formation or update. We monitor filing information as FinCEN continues to release specifications for the BOSS filing and related batch filing options to be online prior to the launch of the BOSS system.

Reach out to us through the form below or email enterprise@turbocta.com. Feel free to include details on what you would like to speak about and when you would like to have a call. We will typically reply within 24 hours.